Building an Operating System for the Future of Work, With Jordan Husney (EP 4)

Last Updated April 27, 2021

Today, my guest is Jordan Husney.

Jordan is a former management consultant to Fortune 100 executives and has been issued multiple technical patents. 

He is now the co-founder of a company called Parabol. Parabol is on a mission to build the operating system for distributed teams to work more effectively.

Jordan is one of the deepest, most critical thinkers I’ve met on this subject and he has written extensively around trends in the future of work.

But as an entrepreneur and operator he’s also practical.

So you’ll hear about his brilliant  approach to hiring, which includes:

-The one skill set that matters for remote work.

-Their open sourced project that attracts the best talent and pays “Equity for effort”

I love talking to early stage tech startups with massive vision and desire for impact. It feels like we’re looking into the future with this episode.

And with that I give you…Jordan Husney


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