The Distributed $1B+ Company That Powers 1/3 of The Web With Beau Lebens (EP 3)

Last Updated April 27, 2021

Today, my guest is Beau Lebens.

You guys are in for a real treat.

Beau is the Head of Product Engineering for Jetpack at Automattic. Automattic is the company behind, which currently powers 1/3 of the web.

Beau was employee #35 at a company that is now a staggering 855 team members and counting. Automattic is valued north of $1B and operates as a 100% distributed team.

Beau started coding back as a teenager while growing up in a small town in Western Australia. But as his skills & experience continued to grow, his travels brought him to Hawaii, San Francisco, Brooklyn and now Denver, Colorado.

He oversees what I believe to be one the most dynamic product teams in the world. And in this episode there’s a ton of takeaways, from understanding the seemingly “unscalable” hiring process all the way to what is arguably the most robust tech stack I’ve ever seen for a distributed team.

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