Instagram Is Moving in on Its Competition - TribeTalk EP 47

Last Updated April 27, 2021

Meet EmberTriber Molly and catch up on the latest from Instagram including the roll out of Instagram Reels and IGTV ads.

The 411 on Instagram Reels:

  • This launch signifies IG’s grab for the TikTok market, especially in light of a possible US TikTok ban.
  • Reels has already launched in India.
  • This feature will live inside Instagram Stories and encourage users to stay within the app.
  • User will be able to create 15-second videos with basic editing tools in-app/
  • Look out for the Reels features in early August.

IGTV Ads are coming. Here’s what we know so far:

  • IGTV usage has risen steadily since the feature was first released in 2018.


  • Instagram has decided to monetize IGTV with the addition of an IGTV ads feature.
  • With IGTV ads, Instagram hopes to attract more A-list content creators and make a play for Youtube audiences and ad space.
  • The ad partner program for IGTV is expected to look like Facebook Watch with ads showing mid-roll in 3 minute+ length videos.
  • Before creators can qualify for IGTV ads, they will be vetted by Instagram.
  • Marketers will get a chance to serve curated ads through influencer content in a new, engaging way.

We’re excited to see what comes from the rollouts of both Reels and IGTV ads. Who’s ready to diversify their social media advertising portfolios? 🙋

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