A No-Stress Way to Generate Leads With Everyday Emails [Video]

Last Updated June 21, 2021


We all send dozens of emails each day. These present a great opportunity to make a meaningful connection with your prospects and start generating more inbound leads.

Recently, we launched a little test at EmberTribe with our email signatures.  In today's QTT, we'll dive into how we're turning our signatures into lead-generating machines.



We all send dozens of emails every day and the truth is most of those are missed opportunities to generate leads.

So recently, we ran an experiment here at EmberTribe, using our email signatures and I want to share that with you, so that you can make the most out of every email, that you send.


Email signature

Record a short video

First, we recorded a really short video, sixty seconds or less. We sat down on a chair and we called it MyWhy and really all it was, was us sharing a little bit about what gets us up in the morning, what we love about the work that we do.

Create a thumbnail and add to your email signature

The next step was to create a really simple video thumbnail and put it into our email signature.

We had a little call action in there that said: Click to watch MyWhy.

Create a landing page

When somebody clicks through that thumbnail, they reach a landing page. A landing page is nothing more than a place to hold this video, so people can watch that video. 

Landing page example 

Again, it's really short and we're talking about stuff that just makes us tick, that makes us alive, that makes us excited and beneath the video, there's a real simple call to action, where people can book a time with us to discuss their growth strategies, basically a time to get on and do a consultation.

For you, it could be whatever your next step is, however you want to get somebody into that prospecting funnel.

So, if it's talking to somebody, great, or maybe it's having them fill out some sort of an evaluation or some sort of form, whatever works for you.

For us, it was a chance for them to book a time on our calendar, they can click that button.

We've been able to measure the click throughs on that thumbnail and it, they've been really high and it stands out.

It's different, people aren't used to seeing a video thumbnail in an email.

The win here goes beyond generating leads. Really what it's doing is, it's taking a cold and impersonal medium, email, and it turns it into something more personal and at the end of the day, people do business with other people.

And so what we're doing is we're giving you an opportunity and we're taking an opportunity for ourselves to share more about what makes us tick and to create that personal connection, where usually it would be hard to create that connection.

So use this tactic as a way to generate leads, but even more importantly, use this tactic as a way to be more human. 

Jump on a call with one of our growth experts. We'll talk about your goals and create a strategy to get results. 


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