Why Google Premier Partner Status Matters for PPC Agencies

Last Updated July 15, 2021

EmberTribe is a Google Premier Partner!

In September of 2020, EmberTribe was honored to reach Google Premier Partner status. We didn’t toot our own horn too much at the time (it is the year of everything happening all at once after all, who can blame us for being overwhelmed?), but today we’re taking a minute to celebrate.

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What is Google Premier Partner status?

We’re glad you asked!

It takes a lot of hard work to get this designation, so when we say we’re honored to reach this status, we really mean it. 

Google has two statuses that indicate an agency is particularly skilled in executing Google Ads and that their team demonstrates Google Ads expertise: Google Partner and Google Premier Partner.  

Google Partners have met ad spending requirements, delivery agency and client revenue growth, and been successful in sustaining and growing their client base.

Google Premier Partner status is earned by top performing agencies who have earned the Google Partner badge.

Agencies that receive this designation have:

  • Met performance requirements around revenue and growth
  • Met a higher spend across managed accounts that demonstrate a healthy amount of activity
  • Two or more agency users in the company’s Google Ads account have been certified in Google Ads

As a Premier Partner, EmberTribe also benefits from some special features that lower tier agencies don’t have access to. Impressed yet?

3 Reasons Why Businesses Trust Google Premier Partners

  1. Google Premier Partners have a proven track record for success. Because Premier Partner status has to be earned, businesses know that they can trust that any agency with this designation has achieved great successes for their clients.
  2. Premier Partners gain access to special benefits that give them, and their clients, an edge. A business owner who decides to go with an agency with Google Premier status can be confident that their agency has the best access and support from highly qualified Google representatives.
  3. They have a higher standard for continued success.  Once an agency obtains Google Premier Partner status, they want to keep that status. That means that they are even more incentivized to maintain a high level of expertise in Google Ads and are actively invested in great campaign management. 

Are you interested in joining forces with a Google Premier Partner? If you’re looking to get the best returns for your investment in Google Ads, that’s the only way to go. 

Jump on a call with one of our growth experts. We'll talk about your goals and create a strategy to get results. 


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