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01 August

What Every B2B Marketer Should Know About Facebook Ads

August 01,2016 In Facebook, PPC, Advertising, b2b By Josh Sturgeon

Pssst, we have a secret: Facebook ads actually work for businesses selling to other businesses!

As an agency, we've managed millions in ad spend for our B2B clients, and a large portion of that was on Facebook this past year.

In this post, I'll...

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13 May

EP 01: The "Rent-to-Own" Approach to Driving Traffic [VIDEO]

May 13,2016 In EmberBites, PPC By Josh Sturgeon

This is the first installment of our video series, EmberBites! EmberBites are quick hitting, "bite-sized" videos that will level up your digital marketing strategy.

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25 April

Introducing Growth Content: A Framework For Hacking High Converting Content

April 25,2016 In Content Marketing By Josh Sturgeon

Note: We've put together a scorecard that you can download and use in your own quest to create "growth content". Check it out!

Content marketing feels like a crapshoot sometimes, doesn't it?

After hours of research, writing and re-writing, you...

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25 November

Launch Better Facebook Ads Using Google Analytics Data

November 25,2015 In Facebook, PPC By Josh Sturgeon




Why should you try this?

Starting a Facebook campaign from scratch can be a daunting task. There are so many targeting options, it's easy to get that "deer in the...

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10 November

95% of Your Site Visitors Won't Return: Here's How To Fix It

November 10,2015 In Analytics, PPC By Josh Sturgeon

Growing up, I loved visiting my grandparents out in the country.

One humid August afternoon, I grabbed a pail and headed out to the farm. It was blueberry season. If I could bring back enough blueberries to Grandma's kitchen, it would turn into...

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